The Allermetrix Inhalant and Food History Questionaire helps your doctor identify inhalants (trees, grasses weeds, molds and dust components) and foods that may be causing your allergy in a cost-effective scientific approach.

When you click the
Allermetrix e-Office link below, you will be prompted to select foods that you eat at least 3 times per week. Clinical studies indicate the foods you are most likely allergic to are foods you eat often.

When you finish entering the information all your data will be stored in your doctors Allermetrix e-Office (a HIPPA compliant secured location).

Your general allergy information and dietary food selections will be analyzed by Allermetrix statistical data software. Your doctor will review the summary, along with your clinical symptoms, and then choose the appropriate tests to be conducted.

When your are ready, click on the
red button below and you will be prompted to enter the four digit password your doctor has given you. If doctor is not an Allermetrix client, have their office call us (877-992-4100).
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