Why Your Doctor Wants Your Allergy Testing Performed at Allermetrix

Allermetrix was created over ten years ago to offer the medical community a specialty testing laboratory whose only focus is to improve allergy outcomes.

Our blood test is different than any other laboratory and has been developed at Allermetrix. It is extremely senstive and offers your physician the capability to confirm their diagnosis of low level allergy.

We are the only laboratory in the country that offers the Allermetrix e-Office. This innovative program brings statistical data together with patient information to support the clinician in test selection for confirming your allergic triggers. This is a
cost-effective approach to improve patient allergy outcomes.

We are the only laboratory that has
two clinical immunologists who's careers have been devoted to the field of allergy. They interact with your doctor and their staff to help them to diagnose and confirm your allergic condition.

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improving allergy outcomes