Allermetrix Patient Billing/Insurance Information

Several insurance companies have implemented policies that affect the choice of which laboratory your physician may use when testing for allergy. Your doctor prefers to utilize Allermetrix rather than any other laboratory based on experience and performance. We believe that the choice of allergy testing should be determined by the clinician and not by the insurance company since your doctor can assess which results yield the best allergy outcomes for you.

There are differences in test results among allergy laboratories because different technologies are used. Allermetrix is a specialty laboratory that only performs allergy testing and is certified by the prestigious College of American Pathology (CAP). Our staff clinical immunologists (Ph.D.s) work closely with your doctor and their staff to ensure the best allergy outcome possible. They are experts in the field of allergy with extensive experience in laboratory testing strategy and immunotherapy treatment.

We have put together a direct billing plan that allows you and your doctor to have a choice where to perform your allergy testing at a reasonable fee. In many instances, our billing plan will cost you less than the in-network laboratory and you will know your exact costs prior to testing. (You may then submit a reimbursement form to your insurance carrier with information provided by Allermetrix). In-network laboratories do not know if, or what they will bill you until after the insurance company has responded to the claim. The explanation of benefits (EOB) describes the negotiated payments between the insurance company and the laboratory. Your responsibility to pay is also indicated and cannot be changed.

If you choose to have Allermetrix bill your insurance company we require credit or HSA card information. We will not apply charges against your card until after your insurance company has finalized your bill with us (usually 3 weeks). Your insurance company will send you an explanation of benefits (EOB), which will indicate what you owe (if anything) to Allermetrix. If your insurance company is out-of-network with our laboratory the amount owed will not be correct, we will notify you prior to placing charges on your card which are at a reduced fee. If your insurance company is in-network with our laboratory the amount you owe Allermetrix reflected on the EOB will be correct.

Some major carriers have closed enrollment or made exclusive arrangements with only one laboratory. The insurance companies claim that it is more efficient to conduct business in this manner. Allermetrix believes that only clinicians can determine which laboratories yield the best allergy outcomes for their patients.

If you are a Medicare patient, Allermetrix accepts assignment. Medicare pays Allermetrix directly and we accept what is received as payment in full.

If you are checking what your insurance will cover for the laboratory testing (click on codes button above for insurace codes) you need to ask the following questions:

What is my deductible if the laboratory is in-network or is out-of-network?

How much of the deductible have I met to date? (Most deductibles range from $1,000-$4,000). You pay the deductible until it is paid in full prior to your insurance company paying.

Do I have a co-pay? If so, what is the amount? (You will be responsible for paying this fee).

The information provided to you by your insurance company before testing may change depending upon their assessment after they receive the claim.

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