Quantitative Viral Serology
8-How well does the Allermetrix antibody testing perform?
Allermetrix has validated the assays using one hundred sixty-five COVID-19 negative patients and seventy COVID-19 positive convalescent plasmas. When testing one antigen, RBD and S1 protein have excellent sensitivity and specificity, and N protein has excellent sensitivity but relatively poor specificity.

1 Sensitivity is the probability that if your test is positive you had or may have COVID-19
2 Specificity is the probability that if your test is negative you have not had COVID-19

When RBD and S1 protein are both positive or both negative in panel testing, the sensitivity is 97.14% and the specificity is 98.79 %. When disease prevalence is 5%, the negative predictive value of the panel is 99.8% and the positive predictive value is 97.0%.