Quantitative Viral Serology
5-What makes Allermetrix tests different from other laboratories?

The Allermetrix test is a laboratory developed test (LDT). Validation documents have been submitted to the FDA and are available on the Allermetrix website.

Other current COVID-19 serology tests are
qualitative which only tell you if you have antibodies or not and many only test with one antigen. Allermetrix serology is quantitative and indicates how much antibody you have to three important COVID antigens;

o Receptor binding domain (RBD) which targets what cells get infected
o S1 subunit of the spike protein (S1) which aids in the infection process
o Nucleocapsid (N protein) which protects the viral RNA

Allermetrix can show you how your results compare to samples with verified COVID-19 disease that we have tested. This is called
benchmarking and an example of your report is shown below:

* BAU/mL is an Antibody Binding Unit established by the World Health Organization (WHO)