Animal Epithelia & Dander

Cat Antigen-HD
Cow Dander
Dog Epithelium
Dust Mite Mix
Epidermal Mix
Epidermal Mix #1
Goat Epithelium
Guinea Pig Epithelium
Hamster Epithelium
Horse Dander
Mouse Epithelium
Mouse Serum Proteins
Mouse Urine
Pig Epithelium
Pigeon Droppings
Rabbit Epithelium
Rat Epithelium
Sheep Epithelium


Feathers, Budgerigar
Feathers, Chicken
Feathers, Duck
Feathers, Goose
Feathers, Mix
Feathers, Parrot
Feathers, Pigeon
Feathers, Turkey

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Note: "-HD" (High Definition) indicates the reagent was prepared by fortifying extract with purified natural allergen protein.
improving allergy outcomes