What is Allergy Precision Medicine? The Allermetrix e-Office offers precision medicine to allergy sufferers. It is the most advanced web based allergy tool currently available. The testing strategy incorporates allergy informatics (including peer-reviewed literature and statistical data) for inhalant and food testing with personalized diets to take control of patient food allergy. The process begins with the patient entering allergy history/symptoms and dietary information through the Allermetrix patient portal. When completed a summary-dashboard is displayed for the patient which helps them understand how their symptoms may relate to an allergy diagnosis. The dashboard along with the dietary information is automatically posted to their physician's portal. The physician can utilize the Allermetrix statistical data base to identify the most likely trigger(s). This is both an individualized and cost-effective approach to laboratory test selection and results in improved patient outcomes. Take an Allermetrix e-Office "Test Drive" by clicking on the button below to see how the patient entry program works, or call us today at 888-992-4100 for a full tour.
improving allergy outcomes